Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Roll On

I've been a lover of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrate for a while now and thought it was about time I tried some other products from the range. One of the things I picked up was the Hydro Boost Eye Roll On as I was in desperate need of an eye cream. I don't think I've ever owned or used an eye cream as I'm simply not convinced I need one but I thought I'd give this a go anyway. 

Similar to the night concentrate the eye cream has a very light-weight, almost watery consistency. All of the products in the range contain hyaluronic acid which keeps your skin supple, youthful and full of moisture. I've really been enjoying the eye cream and find it keeps my under eyes hydrated and much less puffy than usual. I roll it on at night time over my moisturiser and facial oils and then pat it into my skin. Unfortunately, I have read from other reviews that the eye cream doesn't contain much hyaluronic acid which means it won't do a whole lot for your under eyes long term. All in all I've been enjoying the eye roll on but there are probably better eye creams to spend your money on. 

Have you tried the eye roll on? What do you think of it? Are there any other eye creams you'd recommend? 

Sephora Haul

What do you ask for when your boyfriend goes to Sydney for work and asks you if you want anything? Sephora goodies of course! Here in little old Perth we aren't fortunate to have a Sephora yet and while we do have online Sephora- it's really not the greatest shopping experience. By that I mean they are literally ALWAYS out of stock of everything I want. So of course I gave my boyfriend a big list and this is what he managed to pick up for me!

Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette- Rose Gold Edition
This has been on my wishlist for SO long and I'm so happy to finally have it in my hands! It comes with a mix of 18 matte, satin and foil-effect shadows. It has such a lovely mix of shades and could be used for both day time looks and going out looks (trust fund is top of my list next time I spend a Friday or Saturday night somewhere other than my bed). The only downside is that it is $95 at Sephora which is just a little on the pricey side.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
I know what you're thinking right now. Do you really need both? Ok, probably not but I got them anyway and I have no regrets. The ABH palette is very similar to the Huda palette in terms of shades, however I love the ABH one so much more for daytime. There are so many amazing warm tones that are perfect for everyday. I'm loving Burnt Orange and Realgar at the moment!

Benefit GALifornia Blush
This is a product that I definitely didn't need but after seeing it all over Instagram for the last couple of months I just couldn't resist! I have SO many blushes and probably won't get through half of them in my lifetime but this gorgeous coral pink needed a spot in my collection!

What have you picked up recently?

Charlotte Tilbury Giveaway

Just a quick little post to let you all know I'm running a giveaway on my Instagram where you can win a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Bitch Perfect as well as a blush in Love is the Drug. You can find my Instagram here and the giveaway post here. Hope you all enter and have an amazing Easter!

Lush Easter Collection 2017

I'm sure you're all beyond sick of my Lush hauls but I just had to get my hands on this years Easter collection. Just look how cute it all is! This will be the last one for a while, I promise! This year I picked up a couple new products and a couple re-releases that I've tried before. Here's what I got!

Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar
I've tried this little trio of bubbly goodness before however this year instead of all orange carrots, each one is a different colour! Essentially each carrot is a bubble bar that you hold under running water to create bubbles while scents of Sicilian lemon, bergamot and buchu oils fill your bath. I definitely prefer bath bombs over bubble bars but I'm excited to use these together with the other Easter bath bombs.

Chick 'n' Mix Bath Bomb
Chick 'n' Mix is a new 3 in 1 bath bomb release from Lush. The cute little chicken pulls apart to reveal a surprise bath bomb inside. You can either use each part separately or all together however it is quite big so I'd recommend getting the most from your money and using it for a few baths! The scents include comforting tonka absolute and refreshing bergamot oil.

Which Came First? Bath Bomb
I don't think I've ever tried this one before and to be honest I don't think I'll be trying it again. There's nothing wrong with it exactly, it just wasn't very special. I popped this in my bath expecting to be wowed and it fizzled out in all of about 5 seconds without any show. It smelt of lovely Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oil and turned a pretty orange colour, however for almost $10 I was expecting a little more. It also apparently has a surprise chick inside but it was gone so quickly I didn't even have the chance to spot it!

Chocolate Lip Scrub
I'm a huge fan of Lush lip scrubs (especially the bubblegum one) so when I saw they were releasing a chocolate one I had to have it! The scent is actually chocolate and orange which I don't typically love but it really does smell lovely. Like all their scrubs its great for removing any dry skin from your lips and leaves them feeling refreshed and smelling delicious!

What is on your Lush Easter wishlist?

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick Review

I've never been a very big fan of any foundation that wasn't a liquid foundation and I never thought in my wildest dreams that a stick foundation would become one of my favourites to date. That was until I tried the new and highly raved about Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick. I bought this beauty on a whim after hearing such good things from other bloggers/Youtubers and I'm so glad I did! 

According to Hourglass, this foundation can be used as either a foundation or a concealer due to it's incredibly high pigmentation (almost double that of most foundations). They also claim that it offers a waterproof full coverage finish that lasts for up to 12 hours. The formula of the foundation stick is beautifully creamy and it applies like an absolute dream. I use the Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush to blend it out and it creates a gorgeous high coverage, satin like finish. I tend to use quite a bit of product as I typically prefer a full coverage base, but you could simply use less for a more natural look. Unfortunately for me, the lady at Mecca didn't do a very good job at matching my skin so the one I have is ever so slightly too dark for my skin. This means I have to blend it quite far down my neck and will probably go through the product a lot quicker so make sure you chose the correct shade! In saying this there are 26 shades to choose from so it shouldn't be too difficult!

I don't tend to ever wear my make up for a full 12 hours (it comes off as soon as I get home!) so I can't speak on the apparent 12 hour lasting power but I don't doubt it! I'd say I've worn it for about 8 hours on average and it lasts very well, only getting slightly dewy on my nose. Nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of powder!

This foundation is a serious winner in my books! Have you tried this foundation before? What are your thoughts?

Nars Unfiltered II Blush Palette

If you follow me on Instagram I sincerely apologise for the abundance of photos of this palette, but I mean.. look at it. This bad boy is the recently released Nars Unfiltered II palette. The palette features a range of beautiful cool toned peachy-pink shades mostly suited for pale-medium skin tones, however there is a second palette aimed at darker skin tones. 

The six shades include Conquest (very pale matte peachy pink), Undefeated (cool toned shimmery pink), Power Play (Barbie-esque matte cool pink), Hot Sand (light peachy pink), Fame (warm toned peachy pink) and Candid (darker shimmery mauve). Like all Nars blushes, these are super high quality and very pigmented. Undefeated is my current favourite blush as it gives a gorgeous pink sheen to the cheeks without being too shimmery. As you can imagine it's not a cheap purchase ($85 from Mecca) but its one of the most beautiful palettes I own and it's well worth it for six gorgeous blushes!

What is your favourite Nars blush?

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