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Another month has come and gone, very quickly might I add, so today I'm here with my February favourites of course! Sadly for my bank account most of my favourite products this month are high end but I'm completely in love with all of them! I'd love to know if you've tried any of the products mentioned and what you thought so be sure to leave me a comment!

First up I've been seriously Lush obsessed this month- and I'm not talking my usual ballistics and bubble bars. I've really branched out with Lush recently and have tried a range of things from skincare to haircare. Two of my favourites have definitely been the Big shampoo which you can see my review of here and the Mask of Magnaminty, a peppermint mask designed to soothe and clear up your skin and it certainly does just that. It leaves my face feeling so smooth and fresh, I'd definitely recommend this to anyone!

I'm also still completely in love with the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer which was featured in my January favourites and I reviewed here. It gives the perfect amount of coverage and really brightens the face up. I think this concealer has hit HG status, sorry bank account for all the repurchases to come! Another product which I'm still loving from last month (I think I forgot to include it in my January favourites-whoops) is Stila's eyeshadow in Kitten. With the extensive amount of hype surrounding this eyeshadow I thought 'Surely it can't be that great, can it?'. It is, believe me. It's such a beautiful colour that you need. Mine already has a huge dent in it!

This month I decided to revisit a few old favourites and spread the love around in my make up collection as I always end up loving a few certain products and then not touching anything else for months! I pulled out the famous Orgasm blush by Nars which is beyond gorgeous as well as one of my favourite nail polishes ever, It's My Year by OPI.

Lastly, new lip products. What's better than new lip products? Nothing. If you saw my recent haul you'd know that I treated myself to a couple of YSL lippies and while I do love both of them, the YSL Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy in Luscious Cherry has definitely been my lipstick of choice. It's a gorgeous sheer red that just brightens up your face and looks stunning on. I also stepped out of my comfort zone a bit by trying a NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée that my friend gave me after the colour didn't suit her. I usually hate anything that's overly glossy but I've actually really been enjoying this, it's not too glossy or sticky and is really easy to just throw on!

Of course it wouldn't be an Actually Ash favourites post without a ton of random favourites. I went to see the new Zac Efron movie, 'Are We Officially Dating?', on Valentines Day and it was very cute but oddly enough I think that's the only movie I saw out this month. TV wise I've been getting back into some Kardashians as well as loving all my usual favourites (check my Twitter for lots of TV ramblings). The Following is back with season 2 and oh my god is all I can say. If you don't watch it, you need to. I also started watching Rizzoli and Isles which I successfully watched all three and half seasons of in under a week- it's safe to say I'm obsessed and secretly wish I was Rizzoli. I haven't really been listening to any new music but I'm going to a music festival (Soundwave for all you Australians) on Monday and I am so beyond excited! 

Anyway, hope you all had a good month. Make sure to let me know what you've been loving! Now, roll on Autumn!

Ash xx


  1. Gorgeous pictures, that nail polish is absolutely stunning! It's so strange to think that us in the uk are about to go into Spring where as you are going into Autumn, crazy :)
    xxx Claire

    1. I'm so glad it's going to start cooling down but I'm sure you'll be loving the warmer weather aha! x

  2. I really, really want to go see that Zac Efron movie haha. Ever since The Lucky One, I have had the biggest crush on him, sigh.

    Also, yess, Nars concealer and blush! They just cannot do wrong. I find myself almost always going back to a Nars product as a fav :)


    1. Doesn't everyone?! He's so gorgeous aha! Nars are definitely a fantastic brand x

  3. I'm dying for that NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - been trying to get my hands on one for months but each time I ask it's out of stock :(

  4. How beautiful is that OPI nail polish!? I've really been digging OPI nail polishes recently and have added more to my collection. I definitely want to purchase a few more but I have plenty of nail polishes already and just can't seem to justify purchasing another one. We'll see. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  5. I love the formula of the butter glosses, I do need to check out some more shades! Every time I swatch Kitten, I'm astounded by its amazingly buttery formula. I need to get my hands on it but I'd love to get the In the Light palette so I can try more of their shades as well. Three and a half seasons in under a week is damn good! I love myself a hardcore marathon sesh haha :P

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. So jealous you are going to Soundwave! Sucks being a Tasmanian and not being able to go. (Well I can go, but, just the cost of flight, taxi, hotel, shopping. I don't have enough) What bands were you wanting to see in particular? I'm interested in seeing if there are any other beauty bloggers who have the same taste as me xP

  7. I tried my first NYX butter gloss today in the same shade and I love it! I'll definitely be picking up more of them! And that nars concealer has been on my wish list for way to long. I just need to buy it already!


  8. Some amazing products there! I really want to try all those high end items that you have featured but I have to be very tight with my money at the moment haha. Have you tried Lush's solid shampoo? I really like them.
    xxx Kat

  9. I love the NARS creamy concealer works so well, I have to fight the urge to use it all over my face, I love the mask of magaminty mask too super fleshing in the summer time too :) x


  10. Isn't Kitten gorgeous??? I've still to give into the NARS concealer hype, basically because my shade is sold out everywhere, but also because I have a feeling that I'll fall heads over heels for it and completely neglect my other concealers...x

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin | youtube

  11. Lovely favourites! I loved using the Mask of Magnaminty, made my skin feel so fresh and clean. Kitten is definitely one of my all-time faves as well, such an amazing and versatile colour. I'm keen to try the NARS concealer after seeing your posts! X

  12. Love some of your picks! Such a beautiful blog you have, am glad to have stumbled on it!

  13. The Stila eyeshadow seems so mehhh until you actually try it! It's absolutely great and one you definitely need for sure! And of course NARS, such goodies that concealor and blush!
    Great favourites!

    Chantalle x


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