Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

Back when I was in the US I decided that it was finally time to purchase some of the Fresh Sugar lip treatments after hearing about all the hype surrounding them. However I couldn't quite justify the price tag for one of the full sized ones so instead opted for the trio of mini's including Passion, Honey and Berry. The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments are thick, tinted lip balms which have a slightly waxy feeling about them, meaning they stay on the lips for a long time while providing a fair bit of moisture. They leave your lips feeling incredibly soft and moisturised although I've found that if you apply them too often they can have an opposite effect and instead dry out your lips.

My only negative is the fact that they are a bit soft in the tube and tend to get damaged quite easily which you can see in the second image, however this may only be on the mini versions as  the actual product is so thin inside the tube. All of them provide a decent amount of pigmentation with Passion as a pinky red, Honey as browny colour and Berry as well, a berry colour. Overall these are some of my favourite lip balms on the market and are definitely worth investing in if you're willing to shell out $22.50 for a full size version of one from Sephora, however they do currently have some mini sets available. I definitely want to get my hands on a full size version of Rose if I can find them anywhere online or in Australia.

Have you tried any of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments? Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Ash xx


  1. They are super soft- even in the full size versions! I love these but I don't like how much product ends up on my lips!

    1. Ah okay! I just do a really light swatch and it's usually okay! x

  2. I thought they looked really small for some reason in your second photo before reading about them! Haha.. They look really moisturising! Lovely shades!
    xxx Kat

  3. The colours are really pretty. It's too bad that they're not as readily available here in the UK.


    1. I got these when I was in the states cause they're not largely available in Australia either :/

  4. I love Fresh balms! I picked up a couple in the states last year and am dying to get my hands on some more my next trip! Great review! xo


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